A new frontier for sustainable construction

A better way of building

We’re going beyond ‘greenwashing’ and setting a new standard for sustainable construction and sustainable building practices.

Building a better future

For us, sustainable construction goes far beyond buzzwords and playing lip service to targets. We believe building in a sustainable way is the only future for the construction industry. To that end, we work extensively with some of the brightest minds on the planet to develop and pioneer new ways of building (and new materials) that won’t cost the earth.

The time to build better is now.

Eco Rock Armour
Sensicrete eco rock armour


Unleash the benefits of sustainable building with Sensicrete® self-healing, low-carbon and nature-based precast solutions for construction, infrastructure and marine environments.

Our eco-range includes precast eco rock armour that uses nature inspired designs to increase biodiversity on coastal defences.

“We searched long and hard for a product that had a suitably hard surface and a very high standard of finish – Modular Cubed were able to supply and install too. With cheaper concrete panels you can get twists and misalignments where the surface isn't right, but the panels from Modular Cubed are first-class.”

Shane David – David Civil Engineering

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

We try our hardest to work in a way that won’t compromise future generations. To achieve this, we’ve aligned ourselves with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Research and development in concrete

Research & Development

We work with government agencies, world-class researchers and universities – from marine biologists to concrete chemists – to push the boundaries of what’s possible with precast construction.

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Let's build a more sustainable future

When it comes to manufacturing sustainable products, we know there’s a lot more we can do than just reducing the cement in concrete. That’s why we’re looking at every way to drive down the environmental impact of our precast products.

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