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Before you start a project, it’s crucial to get the basics right. If you have a good strategy, brief and concept design to work from, you can avoid rising costs and lengthy delays on site. Once you’ve got these sorted, designing and building any retaining structure is a lot easier.

Every project is different, so if you need something you can’t see – just shout. We can make changes to standard products or design something from scratch. Just chat to our team about what you’re trying to do, and we’ll work out the best way to get it done.


retaining wall design.

In the design phase of a project, we develop a concept into working structural designs and look for areas where we can improve the construction time and reduce costs. Value engineering is a big part of what we do, using our knowledge and experience of retaining systems and off-site manufacturing to find the best solution for the project.

Our design team can create full structural calculations and designs for retaining wall systems. AutoCAD draiwings are produced by our inhouse drawing team, and we’re also able to supply .ifc drawings, for BIM level 2 projects.

BIM retaining wall design
Retaining wall backfill foundation drawing


foundation design.

For a lot of jobs, the foundation may be the only design work needed. Cantilever and gravity retaining walls will need a strip foundation to support the retaining structure and material backfill. The size and type of foundation will vary depending on and ground conditions and height of the wall. It’s worth having as much information as you can about the site and soil, so you can design the leanest – and cheapest foundation possible.

Our design team can provide as much engineering help as you need, you can even appoint us as your project engineer. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll tell you the best way to manage the structural design.

It’s also worth including details of how to deal with water build-up behind the wall (hydrostatic pressure). Precast retaining wall designs don’t allow for this, so if there’s a chance of this happening, you can add weep holes into the walls or perforated land-drains with granular backfill to make them free-draining.



Our experience as ground workers and civil engineers means we can tackle a range of projects. And our technical know-how of precast and off-site manufacturing means we can construct retaining structures of any size.

Precast concrete can save you a lot of time and money – it can be up to 70% cheaper than other systems. We work with some of the UK’s leading precast manufacturers, which gives us access to the best retaining structures on the market – and the option to design and build bespoke structures to fit any project.

Our site teams can complete all aspects of construction from the beginning to the end of your project.

site surveys & setting out / RAMS & lift plans / excavation & earthworks / ground remediation / foundation construction / retaining wall construction / precast installation / drainage & backfill / joint sealing

Retaining wall construction


asset management.

We care about our work and the success of your project and are always available if you have any problems. You’ll be given an operation & maintenance manual on completion of the project which will contain the majority of information that you’ll need to manage your structure.

We can carry out any remedial works or repairs that may be needed to your retaining system, and we can also use monitoring equipment to help manage your structure for years to come.

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Modular Cubed proved that they were up to the challenge, especially with the cake pad retaining walls at Rayleigh, which wasn’t straightforward at all. But they were determined to keep the job on schedule without any compromise to the quality of their work.
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Kirk Denim
Project Engineer

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