Precast Concrete Dock Levellers

Loading and unloading vehicles has never been easier thanks to our precast dock levellers.
Precast Dock Leveller 3D Render

What Makes Our Dock Levellers So Great?

Moving goods seamlessly can save you huge amounts of time, energy and resources. With our precast dock levellers, level access for vehicle trailers has never been easier to achieve. They’re designed to suit individual project requirements and will vary depending on loading bay and vehicle sizes – We’ve got three different pit systems for you to choose from:

1. Basic Pit

Can be supplied with or without tailgate slots

2. Closed pit (non tailgate)

Can be supported at the rear on a compacted backfill or on a wall or plinth

3. Closed pit (tailgate)

A top unit comprising a rear wall and two side walls is sat on plinths which form the tailgate slot beneath the leveller

“The team onsite and your delivery driver were all spot on, they all new their jobs and the wall was installed without any hassle.”

Nick Roche – O’Brien Contractors

Interactive 3D Product Viewer

Get to grips with our precast retaining walls in detailed 3D. See the product from every side and angle, getting a better feel for how it will fit into your project - Click on the 3D button below start

Construction redefined

We provide a combined design, manufacture and installation service for all of our products.

Precast Design Services


Our structural engineers draw on extensive experience and creative thinking in their retaining wall and foundation designs to reduce time and costs for your build.

Precast installation services icon


Our construction teams of civil engineers, groundworkers and precast installers take the stress and risk out of retaining wall construction, helping you do more with less.

Precast concrete that's exceptional by design

Our portfolio of precast concrete products includes the largest range of precast retaining walls available in the UK, and complete precast solutions for Warehouse & Distribution Centres. Offsite manufacturing is a tried and tested approach that works time and again. Many items are available from stock and combined with our extensive transport network, we can ensure prompt delivery nationwide. We pride ourselves on offering quality precast concrete products and exceptional customer service.

See our Precast Concrete in action

Not everyone’s a precast concrete expert – and it can be hard to find the right product for your project. Here is a selection of recent projects that show you what our precast products can be used for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a precast question you’re itching to know the answer to? Below you’ll find a selection of the most common questions we’re asked. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply get in touch; one of our team would love to help.

What sizes do your dock levellers come in?

Our dock leveller system can be customised to work with any opening size.

Do you manufacture yard walls?

Yes, our precast retaining walls are designed to support the loads from articulated vehicles

Are the precast elements in stock?

Because the openings in docks different on every project, the walls are manufactured to order, so we’re not able to keep stock of this product.

Can you supply other precast products for warehouse projects?

Yes, we manufacture a range of pruducts that are perfect for industrial building construction, including – ground beams, lift shafts, stairs and retaining walls.

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