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Build better with precast structural design

Save time, avoid delays and frustration, and reduce your costs with our structural engineering and precast design team at your side.

Better retaining wall design for a hassle-free build

Bringing in an expert design team can transform your project and build. Our structural engineers are pioneers who champion sustainability and low-carbon products. They draw on extensive experience, creative thinking and digital construction to reduce the time and costs for your build.

We listen to what you’re trying to achieve, take your concept and turn it into working structural designs. Value engineering plays a huge role in the process and our team uses their knowledge, experience and expertise of retaining systems and off-site manufacturing to find the best solution for your project.

Bespoke retaining wall design

Precast Structural Design Services

Retaining wall design

The versatility of our precast retaining walls make them perfect for a huge range of applications. We’ll work with you to find the best type of precast retaining wall for your project.

Within our extensive retaining wall range, we have products that are capable of taking surcharges of up to 25kN/m2 and/or 100-year design life.

Our precast retaining walls can be used for any situation or application for retaining material and have been designed to relevant British & Euro standards. We’ll act as your engineer, carrying out your design checks and incorporating precast elements into the overall design. Our retaining wall design service includes:

  • CAD Drawings
  • BIM Object Models
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Structural Calculations

We’ll take on the heavy lifting and make sure your design ticks all the boxes it needs to.

Retaining Wall Foundation Design

For the construction of precast retaining walls, a foundation, or suitable base will be required. We can design site-specific reinforced concrete foundations for all of our retaining wall products.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a more efficient way of managing, building and working. It combines digital technology, project management, design and architecture, making it easier to build, manage and maintain buildings and structures.

BIM software makes it possible to design in 3D and sort out many of the common problems that you find on-site in the design office rather than on a construction site. It enables collaboration between the client, architect, engineer, manufacturer and construction company. The software creates a 3D environment  and allows  all areas  of the construction team to work together.

By having all the elements of a structure  in one place (and making it available as one cloud-based drawing) it allows the managers from all trades to visualise the project and collaborate in real-time. Integrating all the trades’ drawings into one building model makes things like clash detection easy so that any potential issues are identified and fixed before construction starts. This clash detection and fault tracking features save time and avoid the delays and frustrations of having to re-do work during the construction phase of the project. We use BIM methodology and 3D modelling to reduce the time and costs for your build, make construction more efficient and reduce errors on site.

Bespoke Precast

Every project is different and brings with it a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Sometimes you might require a specialist precast solution, such as bespoke retaining walls.

If our standard products don’t meet the design criteria or require additional features, we can also design bespoke products.

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