Precast Concrete Ground Beams

Save time and money while minimising site disruption with our quick and easy to install precast concrete ground beams.
Precast Concrete Ground Beam Render

What Makes Our Precast Ground Beams So Great?


Manufactured off-site to minimise disruption


Quick and easy – simply secured to steel columns


Ground beams are cast to suit steel centres and site loadings


Factory producted to ensure quality and strengh


The beams sit on top of pad foundations and no additional support is required

“We've worked with the Modular Cubed team for the past few years, and they've always produced good solutions and have never missed our programme dates. The fact that they can now offer us a full precast package for our food projects is fantastic and we look forward to working with the on more projects in the future.”

Stefan White – Clegg Food projects 

Interactive 3D Product Viewer

Get to grips with our precast retaining walls in detailed 3D. See the product from every side and angle, getting a better feel for how it will fit into your project - Click on the 3D button below start

Construction redefined

We provide a combined design, manufacture and installation service for all of our products.

Precast Design Services


Our structural engineers draw on extensive experience and creative thinking in their retaining wall and foundation designs to reduce time and costs for your build.

Precast installation services icon


Our construction teams of civil engineers, groundworkers and precast installers take the stress and risk out of retaining wall construction, helping you do more with less.

Precast concrete that's exceptional by design

Our portfolio of precast concrete products includes the largest range of precast retaining walls available in the UK, and complete precast solutions for Warehouse & Distribution Centres. Offsite manufacturing is a tried and tested approach that works time and again. Many items are available from stock and combined with our extensive transport network, we can ensure prompt delivery nationwide. We pride ourselves on offering quality precast concrete products and exceptional customer service.

See our Precast Concrete in action

Not everyone’s a precast concrete expert – and it can be hard to find the right product for your project. Here is a selection of recent projects that show you what our precast products can be used for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a precast question you’re itching to know the answer to? Below you’ll find a selection of the most common questions we’re asked. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply get in touch; one of our team would love to help.

What are precast concrete ground beams used for?

Precast concrete ground beams form a permanent shutter around the perimeter of your building, to simplify the pouring of concrete floors. The precast beams can also provide a base for the construction of block or brick walls

Are precast concrete ground beams easy to install?

Installation of the ground beams is quick and easy, similar to the prestressed panels, they are designed to span between steel columns or concrete pad foundations. The beams sit directly on top of the pad foundations and no additional support is required under the units.

How are precast ground beams manufactured?

The beams are manufactured in two profiles, with a toe, so the units will be self-supporting when installed, sometimes called boot-beams or as flat panels. The thickness of the beam can be altered to suit loadings and chamfers cast in the top edge.

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