Modular Cantilever Retaining Walls

Turbocharge your construction with our game-changing precast retaining walls - the quickest and most planet friendly system yet.
Modular Cantilever Retaining Wall Render

What Makes Our Modular Retaining Walls So Great?


Up to 100m of wall installed per day and no fixing required


Lenghts of 2m+ and 17 height options from 0.5m to 4.5m


90o & 45o Corner units, sloping tops, single and double load units


C60 Self-compacting concrete for increased durability and superior finish


Value-engineered to reduce concrete and steel content


10kN/m2 & 25kN/m2 surcharge capacity, interlocking joints and chamfered edges
“Using 6m long modular retaining wall units, we were able to reduce the installation duration from a week to one day. The overall cost of the modular units is also cheaper than other precast retaining wall options.”

Leicester City Council

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Construction redefined

We provide a combined design, manufacture and installation service for all of our products.

Precast Design Services


Our structural engineers draw on extensive experience and creative thinking in their retaining wall and foundation designs to reduce time and costs for your build.

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Our construction teams of civil engineers, groundworkers and precast installers take the stress and risk out of retaining wall construction, helping you do more with less.

Precast concrete that's exceptional by design

Our portfolio of precast concrete products includes the largest range of precast retaining walls available in the UK, and complete precast solutions for Warehouse & Distribution Centres. Offsite manufacturing is a tried and tested approach that works time and again. Many items are available from stock and combined with our extensive transport network, we can ensure prompt delivery nationwide. We pride ourselves on offering quality precast concrete products and exceptional customer service.

See our Precast Concrete in action

Not everyone’s a precast concrete expert – and it can be hard to find the right product for your project. Here is a selection of recent projects that show you what our precast products can be used for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a precast question you’re itching to know the answer to? Below you’ll find a selection of the most common questions we’re asked. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply get in touch; one of our team would love to help.
What is a modular retaining wall?

With a modular cantilever retaining wall, the units do not need to be fixed down. This makes the installation of the units exceptionally fast – up to 100m per day.

Do I need drainage behind a retaining wall?

Yes, for all retaining walls you should have some drainage that will prevent hydrostatic pressure.

What is the lead time on these walls?

We try to keep a good number of units in stock so that they’re available from order but depending on the time of year and number of orders this can change. It’s always worth speaking to the team to get an accurate timescale from order to delivery.  

Do the modular walls require fixing?

The modular retaining wall is predominantly used for retaining earth banks and is installed with the toe pointing under the backfilled material. The type of foundation that it sits on will vary depending on the ground conditions. If the walls are not fixed down, they will require some material in front of the wall to prevent it from sliding.

How long are they designed to last for?

As with most of our precast concrete products, the modular walls have a minimum design life of 50 years. All modular retaining wall units are designed to NBN EN206-1:2000 and NEN EN 206-1:2001 and have a concrete strength of C60/C75.

What applications can they be used for?
The walls are designed to retain materials with a density of up to 18kN/m3 (e.g. soil) and take an additional surcharge (load) from vehicles etc., which means they can be used for most construction projects.
Can I store materials on both sides

The units that are made for stock will only retain on the toe side. This is to reduce the amount of steel in the unit to make them more cost-effective. Revers or double load units are made to order.

What type of foundation do I need?

Modular retaining walls have a longer toe than other precast cantilever walls, which helps with their stability. If the ground bearing capacity allows, the walls can be installed onto a compacted Type1 base and sand/cement blinding layer. If the ground conditions are poor, you may need a reinforced concrete foundation.

What plant do I need to offload with?

The common types of plant used for offloading are vehicle mounted cranes, telehandlers and 360 excavators. All our products are supplied with the necessary lifting shackles but you may need chains or straps to connect these to your plant. We’d recommend carrying out a lift plan and to make sure that all equipment used can lift the products. The product weights can be found on our website and product datasheets.

How much do the modular walls cost?

We price every project individually, so you can either email us at info@modularcubed or call us on 01949 482 333 to get a quote. As a guide – for a full load of 1m high units delivered within a 100-mile radius of Nottingham, the price would be in the region of £120 +VAT per m².

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