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Modular Cubed Retaining Structures

We are retaining structure specialists – we design and build retaining walls and below ground structures, things like box culverts and attenuation tanks. We’ll work with you to find (or design) the product that best fits what you need, and in a lot of cases this involves suggesting new, unexpected ways of how to solve a problem.

Our team have the skills to help you at every stage of a project. We can work independently as the main contractor or as part of a larger team as your retaining experts. We can advise, plan and manage the construction of any retaining system to suit your project.

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We needed a company who could provide a complete solution to remove our broken salt store retaining walls and supply and install the new precast walls. We made Modular Cubed aware of the critical timeframe for a major delivery of salt and true to their word, they pulled everything out of the bag. This has been an outstanding collaborative effort with only a tight window of less than two weeks for Modular Cubed to get in and carry out their work. We worked closely together to have the old retaining walls removed, crushed and recycled, which completed an excellent job all round.
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David Vincent
Area Highways Manager

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We’re experts in retaining structures, and we’ve got a great reputation. But we don’t parade our knowledge – we’re here to help you, not show off how smart we are.


We’re dependable, honest, and always mean what we say – we don’t string together a bunch of buzzwords to try and sound impressive. We’re realistic about our abilities and our limitations so we take on projects that we know we can deliver on. We working hard to build trust and create long-lasting relationships with our clients.


We care about our customers. Yes we want to make money, but we want to do that by giving people products and systems that genuinely make projects better.

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One of the things we’re known for is coming up with smart, unexpected ways around our customers’ problems – by using our experience, making suggestions and introducing you to new ideas. And that includes looking for ways to improve systems and make them more cost-effective.

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We don’t want anyone to get hurt while they’re working for us or with us, so we’re serious about Health and Safety on all our sites.

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Tony Maher
Managing Director
Edd Gowlett
Commercial Manager
Liam Mulholland
Project Engineer
Joao Medeiros
Junior Civil Engineer
Erin Seabrook
Sean White
Associate Director
Martin Maher
Site Manager
Fouad Makdici
Engineering Coordinator
Thomas Kelly
Senior Estimator

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